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How to make a pop up card & What are some of the great pop up card design ideas?

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What is pop up card?

A pop up card is a type of greeting card that includes moving parts or three-dimensional elements. When opened, the card reveals a surprise design created by paper engineering techniques. It is also known as 3D card, 3D pop card or pop card.

Pop up cards are different from traditional flat greeting cards because they have an interactive and dynamic aspect to them. They provide a unique experience for the recipient, making them more memorable and special.

What are some of the awesome Pop Up Design Ideas?

There are some high-quality designs as following.

3D Pop up Birthday Card – Train

3D Pop Baby Shower Card – Pram

3D Pop Up Greeting Card – Cheers

3D Pop Greeting Card – Ferris Wheel

3D Pop Greeting Card – Golf

How to Make a Pop up Card?

4 steps – ideas, prototypes, print and cut, assembly.

Are Pop Up Cards Expensive?

No, they are not expensive as you may think. It is all thanks to laser-cut machine helping reduce labor-intensive production costs.

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Where Can You Buy Pop Up Cards?

Mainly online shops due to the display challenges in physical shops. Buy online now.