About Us

Our business is located in Sydney Australia and selling premium-quality 3D pop up greeting cards at great prices. It may be the best deals that you could find on market as we love everyone of you can get these amazing pop up cards to surprise those who are special to you! Like we do and find the magic of the cards and share with you now. 

Although it is a very small business on Australian market, we are a happy team who send our the cards out for each individual order as we know the cards will cheer people up and bring joy and surprises to those who receive them.

If the cards do bring the joy and surprises to your families and friends, could you please share our website with the people that you know? By doing this, you are not only supporting us as a very small business, but supporting a charity as well that we have supported for a couple of years — The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Thank you very much for getting to know us. See you online often for us to know you too! 🙂