About Us

About us as persons: 

We are a happy team handling each order carefully as we know these 3D popup cards will bring joy and surprises to the persons who are receiving them.

About us as a business: 

Our business is located in Sydney, Australia, and we sell unique good quality 3D pop-up greeting cards at great prices. It may be the best deal that you could find on the market and the reason that we are doing this is that we love every one of you to feel comfortable getting as many of these fantastic 3D pop-up cards as you need to surprise those who are special to you! As we do, find the cards’ magic and share it with you now. Meanwhile, we are supporting a local charity by donating a fixed amount of money from each card sold. 

In 2021, we collected $200 for charity which was less than expected. However, we are still glad that we did it with support from our customers. Thank you very much for our respected customers!!! We hope we can do more in 2022.

Please support us by sharing out our website or leaving us a review if you are happy with our cards and services. Great appreciation!!!



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3D Pop Up Greeting Card - Basket of Sunflowers
Add to Cart – 3D Popup Sunflowers Card