3D Pop Cards Delivery

Within Australia

Flat rates


AU$9.95 with tracking service, 2-5 business days depending on destination.


AU$6.50 with tracking service, 4-7 business days depending on destination.

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International Shipping

If you are a customer from overseas (outside Australia) or if you would like to purchase 3D pop cards for your overseas family or friends, we offer two options:

Option 1:

To save on international shipping fees, click “Purchase Now” below to take advantage of our Best Deal for international customers. This package includes any 10 3D pop cards with FREE international Express shipping.

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Option 2:

If you only need a few cards, you can visit our 3D Pop Card Shop and add the cards you like to your cart. Please note that international shipping fees WILL APPLY for this option.

Postage rates

New Zealand:

Standard Shipping: AU$19.95

Express Shipping: AU$34.95

Asia Pacific:

Standard Shipping:AU$25.95

Express Shipping: AU$40.95

US & Canada:

Standard Shipping:AU$28.95

Express Shipping: AU$43.95


Standard Shipping: AU$33.95

Express Shipping: AU$48.95

All other countries:

Standard Shipping: AU$40.95

Express Shipping: AU$55.95

Delivery times

Express Shipping: 1-2 weeks

Standard Shipping: 2-4 weeks

Both options include international tracking service.

Exchange rates

For a preliminary estimate, you can visit x-rates.com. The actual exchange rates applied will be determined by the financial institution you use for the payment.


Our 3D pop-up cards can be shipped to various countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, and more.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact us via sales@3dcards.com.au.