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How to Make a Pop-Up Card Without Glue

Making a pop-up card is a wonderful way to add a touch of magic to your greetings, and the best part is, you don’t need glue to create a stunning card! With a few simple tools and techniques, you can craft a pop-up card that’s sure to delight anyone who receives it. Plus, if you prefer the convenience of ready-made cards, don’t forget to check out our exquisite collection at Now, let’s dive into the steps for creating a pop-up card without glue.

Materials Needed

  • Cardstock or thick paper: For the card base and pop-up elements.
  • Scissors or a craft knife: For cutting the paper.
  • Markers, colored pencils, or paints: For decorating your card.
  • Ruler and pencil: For measuring and marking your cuts.
  • Paper clips or binder clips: To secure pieces temporarily during assembly.
  • Double-sided tape or washi tape: As an alternative to glue.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Design Your Pop-Up Element

Start by deciding on the design of your pop-up element. It could be a heart, a cake, a flower, or any shape you like. Sketch your design on a piece of cardstock. Simpler designs are easier to cut and assemble without glue.

2. Create the Card Base

Fold a piece of cardstock in half to create the card base. This will be the main structure of your card. A standard size is 5×7 inches when folded, but you can customize the size to your preference.

3. Cut Out the Pop-Up Element

Carefully cut out your pop-up design using scissors or a craft knife. Ensure you leave tabs on the bottom of your design, which will be used to attach it to the card base.

4. Create the Pop-Up Mechanism

To make the pop-up mechanism, measure and mark two parallel lines on the fold of your card base. These lines should be the width of your pop-up element and spaced apart according to the depth you want the pop-up to be. Cut along these lines and fold the cut section inward to create a “box” that pops out when the card is opened.

5. Attach the Pop-Up Element Using Tape

Instead of glue, use double-sided tape or washi tape to attach the pop-up element. Apply the tape to the tabs on your pop-up element. Attach these tabs to the front face of the “box” you created inside the card base. Make sure the pop-up element stands up straight when the card is opened.

6. Secure with Paper Clips (Optional)

If you find it tricky to hold the pieces in place while applying the tape, use paper clips or binder clips to temporarily secure the pieces. This can help ensure everything lines up perfectly before making the attachment permanent.

7. Decorate Your Card

Once your pop-up element is securely attached, it’s time to decorate your card. Use markers, colored pencils, paints, stickers, and other embellishments to add your personal touch. You can also add a personal message to make the card even more special.

8. Final Touches

Ensure that your pop-up element works smoothly and that all tape is secure. Make any final adjustments as needed.

Tips for Success

  • Use quality tape: High-quality double-sided tape or washi tape ensures that your pop-up elements stay securely in place.
  • Be precise: Measure and cut carefully to ensure your pop-up mechanism works smoothly.
  • Keep it simple: Start with simple designs if you’re new to making pop-up cards. As you become more comfortable, you can try more complex designs.

Ready-Made Options

If you love the idea of pop-up cards but prefer the convenience of beautifully crafted designs, visit Our collection features a wide variety of high-quality pop-up cards perfect for any occasion. Each card is designed with intricate details and made with love, ensuring that your greetings will be memorable and cherished.


Creating a pop-up card without glue is a fun and creative way to express your feelings and make your greetings stand out. With a little patience and creativity, you can create a card that brings joy and surprise to its recipient. And if you ever need inspiration or a beautifully crafted pop-up card, remember to check out Happy crafting!

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