Special Trial Deal – Any Two Cards for $10*


3D Pop Cards Trial Deal for New Customers and Signed-Up Customers

Get two 3D pop-up cards (except for fragrant cards) for just $10.

Please add this $10 blank item to your cart, and then leave a note on the checkout page specifying the last four digits of the product SKU for the two cards you’d like to order (For more details on where to locate the SKU number for a product and where to leave a note, please see below on this page.)

This special offer is available to all new customers for their first order. Regular customers who sign up for our newsletter can enjoy this special offer once a year.

***Please note that postage is not included, and coupon codes do not apply to this deal.***


Please note the last four digits of the pop card SKU during checkout. This will help us identify the specific two 3D pop-up cards you want to order, especially since some cards may have similar names.

Step 1: Where can I find the last four digits of our 3D pop up card SKU?

Each card has its SKU. You can locate the last four digits of each SKU on the product page, as Screenshot 1 below highlights.


Screenshot 1 – pop card product page

Step 2: Where can I find the Order Note section to make a note?

  1. Click “Proceed to Checkout” on the My Cart page, as shown in Screenshot 2 below.
  2. At the bottom of the checkout page, you can find the “Order Note” section where you can make a note, as Screenshot 3 below shows.


Screenshot 2 –  My Cart page

Screenshot 3 – check out the page





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