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How many Australian celebrate winter Christmas?


Estimates on the number of Australians celebrating Christmas in July vary, but it is generally seen as a niche celebration rather than a widespread national event. Based on various surveys and reports, it is estimated that a significant minority, perhaps 10-20% of Australians, participate in some form of Christmas in July festivities. This figure includes people who attend themed events, host parties, or enjoy special menus at restaurants and cafes.

Therefore, while the exact number of Australians celebrating a winter Christmas isn’t precisely documented, it is clear that a notable segment of the population participate in this mid-year festive tradition.

Personally, I like the idea of a ‘winter Christmas’ as most movies show cold weather outside, making the warmth inside feel even cozier. If you are celebrating a winter Christmas with family and friends, it might be the perfect time to send out Christmas cards to invite them over for some fun. Our amazing 3D pop-up Christmas cards are perfect for the occasion.

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