When will your presale products be available to be dispatched?

It depends on individual product. We make a note of the available time for each product in the product description. Please check out for the product that you would like to order.

How can I access my account once I register/sign up?

If you register an account from My Account page, the system will automatically generate a password and send to your email. You can reset your password after you log into your account using the password the system sent.

If you sign up from pop up page, you can log in on My Account Page using your signup email, then click ‘lost your password?’ to set up a password to access your account.

Why can’t I go through the payment in this case?

As the image shown above, the payment methods are grey and it looks they are not working because the cover of this card has 2 colors. Please check the images on the left side and choose the color that you like in red highlight part in the image. Once done, it will be able to go through.

If the card’s cover has two colors, just the color of the cover is different, the rest is the same.

Most of our cards have red covers, some have two colors covers and some have other colors. Looking at the edge of the card may give a clue.

Questions related to Reward Points, please visit Rewards Point page.

Do Your Pop Up Cards Include Envelopes?

Yes, each card has a good-quality envelope and a transparent water-proof film cover.

What are the Key Features of Your 3D Pop Up Cards?

Australia Supply

Designed with a Sense of Humor

Beautifully Handmade

Premium Quality

Low Price

For all Occasions and Ages

Where are the Pop Up Cards Shipped From?

Our pop up cards are shipped from Sydney, Australia. For more postage and delivery time information, please check our Shipment.

Why Choose You?

We will try our best to keep the prices of our 3D pop up cards as the lowest and the most affordable as possible, to make sure everyone will be able to share our amazing 3D cards with their loved ones. We will be glad to see that our 3D pop up cards bring surprises to your families, friends, classmates and neighbors! Please take photos of their precious and surprising faces while opening the cards and share with us via email [email protected] Love to see!