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How can I access my account once I register/sign up?

If you register an account from the My Account page, the system will automatically generate a password and send it to your email. You can reset your password after you log into your account using the password the system sent.

If you sign up from the popup dialog, you can log in on the My Account page using your signup email, then click ‘lost your password?’ to set up a password to access your account.

Why can’t I go through the payment in the case shown as below?

The payment methods are showing grey and are not working because the cover of this card has two colors. Once the color of the card cover is chosen, the payment will be able to go through.

Do Your 3D Pop Up Cards Include Envelopes?

Yes, each 3D pop-up card has a good quality envelope and a resealable transparent water-proof cellophane bag.

What are the Key Features of Your 3D Pop Up Cards?

Fast Delivery From Australia

Designed with a Sense of Humor

Beautifully Crafted with Love

Premium Quality

Affordable Prices

For all Occasions and Ages

Where are the 3D Pop Up Cards Shipped From?

The 3D popup cards are shipped from Sydney, Australia. For more postage and delivery time information, please check our Shipment.

Why Choose You?

We will try our best to keep our 3D pop-up cards at the most affordable prices possible. We are doing this just to make sure that every one of you feels comfortable buying as many pop-up cards as you need to cheer up the people around you. We will also try our best to keep the high quality of the cards.

Bringing value to you and our community as a whole is our goal to start this small business. A fixed amount from each card sold will be donated to Children’s Hospital Charity. Thank you for choosing us!